From Multilateralism to One Man Show

Vera DragovicEverything is being digitized and somehow also desensitized. Our guest blogger Vera Dragović O’Donnell is concerned by what it all will mean…

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Making Your Future

The future ain’t what it used to be. And if we leave it the hands of the archeofuturists, a neologism that brings together nearly every form of prejudice and hateful discrimination known to man, it will be a dystopian future indeed.

By Vera Dragovic-O’Donnell, Guest Blogger

Just as Carl Schmidt attempted to explain and justify the political evil of national socialism with the faults of liberal democracy (see: Dejan Ilic “Unmotivated Evil”), there are contemporary voices of the “new-right” saying that we ought to urgently reclaim our European, American, Russian, Serbian, et al identity and that we must embrace “archeofuturism” and return to a non-egalitarian, stratified society. Continue reading

What the Electric Sheep Say

For Christmas this year, I was disappointed to find that I did not buy myself a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo. This was very likely a subconscious act to prevent me from externalizing the dialogues I have in my head in the course of my solitary life. But I can imagine what it would be like…

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Black Friday Madness

This country verges ever so slightly on the insane.

Yesterday was celebrated as Black Friday – as if it were a holiday. There were sales in shops. The cafes and bars were crowded. And everywhere people used it as an excuse: “It’s Black Friday, what do you expect?” Too much traffic? Black Friday. Music too loud at a café where you are trying to elucidate the finer points of macroeconomics? Black Friday, man. Continue reading

Clobbered by Courtesy

You can learn a lot by taking the bus around Belgrade.

The first thing I learned was how much I missed having a car. Once I got over that (about 7 minutes ago, approximately), I began to realize how much taking the bus is like following Rod Steiger through the doors of imagination into the Twilight Zone. The surreal is real on the bus. And it all happens in real time. Continue reading

About Face!

As it seems there is no other way to say it, I shall flatly say it: it’s all over.

After 15 years (marked on the twentieth day of November, two thousand seventeen: save the date) of inhabiting the White City on the Danube, I look back at my many grumblings and rumblings and I see, on the whole, that I have not been nearly Grumpy enough to justify my own moniker.

I have had flashes of outrage, passing wry smiles, inward chuckles, and laugh-out-loud moments of disbelieving hilarity occasioned by the often surreal experience of living in Belgrade, but I have utterly failed to become the grumpy curmudgeon railing against the machine, victimized by circumstance, and put upon by society. This malcontent, in fact, has been my arch foe. He points a finger and frowns. He cannot see the irony. And NOTHING is funny in all this…

Therefore, the moment has come – long overdue according to some – to perform an about face. The time of Grumpy is passing into history and the age of Delight is upon us. All hail! Continue reading

Information is Power, Right?

Imagine yourself in a café.

You look around a little sheepishly, but you do not see the bathrooms. Finally, off in a corner you see a little gold plaque on a door. That must be it. You proceed apace in that direction. When all of a sudden you are embroiled in an ontological debate:

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Just the Trumphacts, Ma’am

Just the trumphacts, Ma’am

Just the trumphacts, Ma’am

Time to get with the program already.

Facts and science have no more place in our lives since “the people” cast their votes and democracy and moral integrity got trumped, and I think it is high time that we embraced the world of ‘trumphacts’ [n. plur.,ˈtrʌmp-fækts’].

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For Alec Baldwin and the Rest of Us

snl15n-4-webDear Alec,

Although we admire your efforts, the sad truth is that we have reached the end of satire.

It is a prerequisite of satire to be more outrageous than the subject. Our new Monomaniac-in-Chief, however, cannot be outflanked. As insane as your Trump monologues sound, the real Trump (if one may assert such a thing) is more likely to hire you as a speechwriter than be given pause to reflect.

It is the end of an era for all of us. We have had a long run of presidents who were perfect subjects of satire – Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, “W” – who never let us down or left us wanting new material. We had a crook, a bumbler, a peanut farmer, an actor, and… well…“W” as perfect fodder and foils for our wit and parry. Continue reading