The Big Bang Fizzle

Ten Reasons to Stop Watching the Big Bang Theory Immediately

  1. It is no longer funny. The writers seem to have been replaced by a small plate of improperly stored anchovies.
  2. Sheldon has feelings.
  3. Amy Farrah Fowler has become a sympathetic character and often provides the show’s only comic relief for reasons not in keeping with her persona.
  4. Penny cut her hair.
  5. Socially awkward has been replaced by regular awkward.
  6. Science and physics have been left on the back-burner. And it is NOT a Bunsen burner
  7. Penny has become smart (and she cut her hair).
  8. And the scientists have started to become too normal. Regularly maladjusted people do not good television make.
  9. Leonard seems to have grown a pair – a congenital impossibility for his character.

And finally…

10. Like the actual Big Bang theory, this show exploded 13.8 billion years ago in Season 1 and has been entropically dissipating and expanding away from anything funny ever since. The Second Law of Thermodynamics clearly applies.

There are more reasons, including several more mentions of Penny’s hair, but I think I have made my point. I contrast its development with “How I Met Your Mother” or even “Friends” wherein the characters were developed within the original parameters for nine and ten season respectively. Even if the 10th season of Friends was a decline, at least we still knew that Joey would probably not be suddenly recognized for his contribution to theoretical physics.

In Portuguese.

At this point in Season 8, I would not be surprised to see Leonard start playing sports, Penny going to Harvard and Sheldon giving seminars on Emotional Intelligence.

Or, worse still, attending them.


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