There is a solution to every problem.

DT-AVWhile America is reeling and holding its head at the thought of Donald Trump as a possible 45th President of the United States, so too is Serbia biting its nails to see who will come out on top of the extraordinary one-party elections coming soon to this country.

I think you see where I am going with this…

It is a perfect solution for both countries, when you think about it. Serbia, whose multiparty system is a shambles with any kind of opposition parties hiding behind rocks and bushes taking pot shots at each other, needs another candidate to oppose Absolute Vucic (name patent pending). And the US, whose upcoming November elections offer a field of the bland and boring, on one side, and the prospect of Trumperica (name patent pending) on the other, needs to find a new hobby for Trump.

Strategic Wisdom says: Bring Trump here!

The exciting song and dance of Trump’s electoral campaign, as well as his personal platform that ranges from the incomprehensible to the inconceivable, would be a perfect tonic for the foregone conclusion of Absolute Vucic’s election plans.

Both are pastmasters of bombast, balderdash, and bluster. Neither of them are afraid to bend the facts to suit their purposes. The contest would be loud and exciting and fun for the whole country!

Who knows if the reign of Absolute Vucic would remain absolute anyway, but in the meantime, it would at least give us a reason to listen and to go out and cast a vote.


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