For Alec Baldwin and the Rest of Us

snl15n-4-webDear Alec,

Although we admire your efforts, the sad truth is that we have reached the end of satire.

It is a prerequisite of satire to be more outrageous than the subject. Our new Monomaniac-in-Chief, however, cannot be outflanked. As insane as your Trump monologues sound, the real Trump (if one may assert such a thing) is more likely to hire you as a speechwriter than be given pause to reflect.

It is the end of an era for all of us. We have had a long run of presidents who were perfect subjects of satire – Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, “W” – who never let us down or left us wanting new material. We had a crook, a bumbler, a peanut farmer, an actor, and… well…“W” as perfect fodder and foils for our wit and parry.

The Obama years were a little dry, to be sure. But we had perfected the facepalm under George W. Bush, and it had a lot of mileage left when he slipped back to Texas. But while W inspired the facepalm, Trump can only inspire primal screams.


donald-trump-alec-baldwin-impression-stinks-snlI know, Alec. I know how much you want to call attention to the fact that we have a walking and talking diagnosis as president now. I also know that it is not strictly Donald’s fault – a majority of electors also lost their minds in order for us to be saddled with him.

How do satire a person who is proud of his bigotry, racism, and sexism? “Let’s build a wall around Mexico” would be what WE should be saying – not the Bricklayer-in-Chief.

Trying to satire Trump is like trying to kick down an open door. We will have to move on to new frontiers in order to get our pointed points across. We will have go beyond comedy and farce, since there is precious little that is funny in the farce of this new president.

Even Jonathan Swift would be hornswoggled by this conundrum.

But thank you Alec, for standing up. Thank you for not backing down and persisting. The best result at this stage would be for the American people to actually mistake you for Trump and usher you into the Oval Office by accident.

Stranger things (sadly) have happened.

Best regards,


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