Grumpy in Belgrade: The Prehistory

From the author of Grumpy in Belgrade (Komshe, 2015) a new collection of zany impressions and disproportionate over-reactions culled from the early days of the Transition.

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Grumpy in Belgrade:
The Prehistory

Life in Belgrade in the early 2000s was uniquely strange. Nothing was as it was. Everything was the same. And nothing made the least bit of sense to Chris Farmer who arrived here in 2002 and found a world on its head.

Grumpy in Belgrade: The Prehistory is a collection of columns and articles published between 2002 and 2006. They chronicle the first impressions of life in this city from the wry viewpoint of a wide-eyed American in Belgrade.

In this book, we can see the art of shovelling snow, the race to write new constitutions, the surprising array of choices in toilet paper, and much more.

With Foreword by Mark E. Taylor.

Available in bookstores everywhere from December 23, 2015.
Just in time for Christmas and New Year’s!

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