Disarmed and Discombobulated

WaitressI am having something of an identity crisis.

Yesterday I woke up knowing that I would face the mountainous terrain of Serbian bureaucracy in order to finish the establishment of my branding agency. It is mountainous, full of crags, hairpin turns, and impasses due to rock slides, and while it is not impossibly high in altitude, it takes a climber of a certain determination to traverse.

Yesterday morning, that was NOT me.

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Flag-Waving and Celebrating


Dissenter: Antonin Scalia

Is it possible to have an opinion with joining a Cause?

Case Study: Same-sex Marriage. It is not acceptable anymore to merely accept this and generally agree with it. The Socially Acceptable Model is to “celebrate” it. We must loudly proclaim our most underscored, emphatic, and rainbow-painted glee. We must show Vindication and Exaltation. Otherwise, we might be mistaken for a Scalia-style dissenter.

And God forbid we actually do dissent…

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The Vigilante

10169465_10205270537025964_Just to show how really short-sighted it is possible to be, civic activist Filip Vukša was fined nearly €500 for repairing a dilapidated bus stop in Belgrade.


The official reason for the fine was marked up as “unauthorized use of the coat of arms of the City of Belgrade” which this Dangerous Vigilante Repairman was obliged to clean up and repaint on the bus stop stand. The old worn out coat of arms, apparently, was more appropriate. Continue reading