The End is Near

Our Livestock

Our Livestock

This is the thing I say every year.

As the calendar year winds down to a final push, in which we must all run out to find NEXT YEAR’S calendar, we stop to take stock of our lives.

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Get up, Stand up !


Guest Blog by Vera Dragovic


Human (not artificial) intelligence depends on movement and an inquiring spirit from the earliest age onwards: balance, laterality (the sense of left and right and the ability to cross over the imaginary bodily axis) and the integration of the visual system with bodily movements in the real, tridimensional world are processes of essential importance for both school success and thought processes in general.

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Knowledge vs. Information

bookGuest Blog by Vera Dragovic

Modern society too often equates ”knowledge” with ”having the information” somewhere, most commonly in an electronic format.

With the expansion of the Google search engine and Wikipedia inter alia, we seem to be getting used to being content with knowing where to find information quickly and giving up on the need to memorize (especially for the long-term) too much new information, with the exception of content needed for everyday survival, i.e., ”functioning” in our hi-tech society.

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