The End is Near

Our Livestock

Our Livestock

This is the thing I say every year.

As the calendar year winds down to a final push, in which we must all run out to find NEXT YEAR’S calendar, we stop to take stock of our lives.

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Handicapped Parking: A User’s Guide

index_clip_image005Once you achieve a certain social status in Belgrade, you must view the parking reserved for the handicapped as metaphorical.

Despite what appears to be a space which is reserved for a person with some kind of physical disability, in reality it is merely a metaphor for the various societal woes which beset the citizenry and therefore is open to wide and (sometimes) poetic interpretation.

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‘Twas the Night Before

‘Twas the Night Before New Year’s
And all through Belgrade
Everyone was still shopping
Without a single plan made

We rush to the markets
We rush to the malls
We are crushed in our numbers
Into spaces quite small


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