So Long and Thanks for All the Selfies!

freedom_from_want_selfie2THANKSGIVING DAY, November 24, 2016 – As Americans gather around the Thanksgiving tables this afternoon to make the traditional Thanksgiving duck lips and peace signs in front of our cameras, I think we should take time out to have a look at what we should be thankful for this year.

Especially from an Instagram point of view.

The Thanksgiving selfie (what I am hoping that we will begin to call the “turkie”) shows us how much we have progressed since 1653. We have much about which to be proud and thankful.

Today we take our selfies seriously. Making sure that the Thanksgiving meal is in the background, maybe part of granny’s nose and a couple of cousins (and their smartphones too), we digitize and share a wealth of photos of ourselves. The original Plymouth pilgrims could only dream of such bounty. Continue reading


Selfie Indulgence

tumblr_mh54ypPYXi1qz6f4bo1_500.17444Who needs friends?

Here I am eating breakfast. Here’s me downtown. Here I am with my cat. Here’s my cat (and me). Here I am at my best friend’s wedding. Here I am getting tested for STDs. Here I am at a funeral. Here is me.

Me. Me. Me.

The word Selfie sounds fun. We spell it with a kicky “-ie” on the end to make it feel cute. But it feels lonely.

Once upon a time we needed people to create the photographic record of our lives. We travelled and snapped. We gathered in groups and snapped. We navigated rites of passage, and someone made us all bunch up together for a group shot.

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