The Saga Continues




“But what IS the Farce, Master?”

“The Farce is the spirit of the Nonsensical that surrounds us and flies up our noses. It is always with us, making normal situations ridiculous, making the straight path into a curly-cue.

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No IDEA Whatsoever


It’s a mystery. Wrapped inside a pickle. On a ham sandwich.

On sale in Aisle 7.

The mystery is that I no longer know where I am when I go to the supermarket in Belgrade. Today, for example, I started out list-in-handed on a journey to IDEA in New Belgrade. I had received in the post a special Happy Birthday coupon for a 10% discount (on almost everything except what I wanted to buy I found in the fine print).

When I arrived, I found a large empty shell where IDEA used to be. It has been “in renovation” for several months now, so one supposes that this is a euphemism for “it’s probably ok for you never to try here again.” Resourcefully, I decided to pull out of the empty parking lot and dog-leg it into Roda next door.

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‘Twas the Night Before

‘Twas the Night Before New Year’s
And all through Belgrade
Everyone was still shopping
Without a single plan made

We rush to the markets
We rush to the malls
We are crushed in our numbers
Into spaces quite small


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The Christmas Offensive

75macysonblackfridayLast July I forgot something.

Nearly exactly a year ago, at the tipping point between early- and mid-December, I forgot to go Christmas shopping. There must have been something good on TV.

Every year, faced with the prospect of engaging in pitched battle with my fellow shoppers throughout the month of December, I seem to make the resolution to do all the shopping in July, thus freeing myself from active duty and sparing myself more bloodshed.

But now, conditioned as I am by the plangent strains of seasonal piped-in musak which insinuates its ineluctable Christmas music through radio and digital channels, I suddenly realize that I am five months late for Springing into Action. My plan has failed, and I must to war.

Godspeed and good luck to us all.

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