Disarmed and Discombobulated

WaitressI am having something of an identity crisis.

Yesterday I woke up knowing that I would face the mountainous terrain of Serbian bureaucracy in order to finish the establishment of my branding agency. It is mountainous, full of crags, hairpin turns, and impasses due to rock slides, and while it is not impossibly high in altitude, it takes a climber of a certain determination to traverse.

Yesterday morning, that was NOT me.

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Coffee and Art of Hidden Luxury

IMG_20150103_161511As usual, it all started at the airport.

Many of you who have experienced the Great Airports of the World – Heathrow, JFK, Dubai, and Belgrade’s own Nikola Tesla – will know already what I am talking about. This is a subject, in fact, which is so well known to frequent fliers as to be superfluous to set to pixels. It is a level of luxury which we have come to expect, but it is not for the uninitiated…

This having been said, however, I would like to share this exquisite secret. Please, before we begin, I must ask you NOT to share this with anyone. Need to know basis. Ok?

(Pause while waiting for your assent. 15 minutes.)

As usual, it all started at the airport. I had a little extra time while waiting to pick up my sons at Nikola Tesla and decided to have a walkabout. I chanced upon the Dufry-run café in the departures area before passport control.

Coffee, I said to myself?

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